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Products & Services

Organizational Development

Organizational Development supports decisions and actions about the business management systems. Our approach to organizational development is Strategic Capability AlignmentTM a protocol that comprises a complete set of detection and diagnostic tools and facilitation support to focus and speed your decisions and agreements about:

  • Direction-Setting Systems: Plans, policies
  • Process: Workflows & Procedures
  • Structure: The organization of human competence and accountability

Strategic Capability AlignmentTM guides your people to:

  • Achieve multi-party agreement, solve differences
  • Integrate decisions/actions on both technical (strategy and process) and human (structure) factors of business results
  • Give priority to organizational structure, because structure drives accountability for decisions and action on results and all infrastructure that supports results
  • Solve complete and/or specific changes that donít shift the burden elsewhere

Talent Development

Talent Development involves building workforce competence, accountability and motivation to complete business results. Strategic Capability AlignmentTM comprises a complete set of diagnostic tools and facilitation support to focus and speed your decisions and agreements about:

  • Types and Levels of know-how, accountability and motivation to complete strategy
  • How to get and keep know-how, accountability and motivation
  • How to organize know-how, accountability
  • How to get from here to there: Transition plans

Human Resource Management Systems

Human Resources Management Systems allow us to put Human Resources Development plans into action. Harold Ekstein & Associates supports the design, production, delivery and operation of strategies, policies, programs, procedures and initiatives about:

  • Staff and Succession Planning
  • Performance Analysis & Forensics: Industrial Psychometric Assessment
  • Employee Commitment & Retention
  • Selection
  • Orientation
  • Compensation, Reward Management & Benefits
  • Training & Development:
    • Design, production, delivery and evaluation of job-focused:
      • Workshops
      • On-the-job training
      • Self-paced learning
      • Job aides
    • Coaching to align performance with different/future competency, accountability and motivational requirements
  • Placement: Manage status changes
  • Working Conditions
  • Employee and Union Relations
  • Mediation/facilitation of multi-party agreement, resolution of differences, dispute resolution